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Sale price24,000.00 AMD

  1. Digital time: week, hour, minute, second and display date, hour, minute and second-Daylight saving time on and off. 31 world time zones, 28World city time selection.
    12 / 24-hour switching. El backlight delay time selection function
  2. World time zone and city time view function
  3. Countdown (initial value: 05:00, set maximum value: 60 minutes). Cycle the countdown switch to select the countdown When the alarm alarm alarm switch selection) function
  4. Running seconds and segmented timing function: (1/100 seconds running seconds, maximum running seconds counting 59 minutes 59.99 seconds, You can set single segment or single group running time and multi segment or multi group running second timing
  5. 4 sets of alarm clock, 1 group of sleepy alarm clock and alarm function on the hour
  6. Pointer time (hour. Minute) adjustment (after the pointer time synchronizes with the digital time, the pointer time will automatically trackTime digital time) function
  7. El backlight (press once to delay 1.5 seconds or 3 seconds to select) function
  8. It has full display function (only for display screen missing section test)
N098 Sale price24,000.00 AMD